Growing in Faith

Questions? Answers.

The study of scripture and it’s application to our daily lives is important to this congregation. The pastor’s weekly message seeks to offer a relevant way everyone can apply the Gospel to their regular day-to-day. Our church also has a bible study that meets periodically through the year, tackling different themes together.

We also believe in the power of spiritual formation through practices such as silence, centering prayer, and walking our labyrinth. These practices, along with worshiping and serving together create a full Christian life.

We believe that God is a loving God who made the human being in God’s image. Therefore, all people are of value and loved by God.

In Christ, the head of the church, God conquers sin and reconciles the world to Divine Love. We believe in God, and we follow Jesus.

God’s continuing presence and activity in the world through the Holy Spirit.

The mission of the Church is to work for justice and to establish God’s Realm in the world.

We celebrate two Sacraments: Baptism and Communion. It is through baptism that persons are joined in faith with Jesus and accepted into the fellowship of the church. The breaking of bread and pouring of wine/juice are done in remembrance of Christ’s death and his resurrection.