Saint Paul's UCC Relay Team

St Paul's has had its own Relay for Life team in the Pottstown Relay since 2006. With joy and gratitude for our participation as a church team over the past 9 years, members of the 2014 team have decided that it's time to take a break. Leading the team is pretty much a year-round occupation, and we have been blessed by the leadership of Sandy Moore, Tammy Chomnuk, Linda Chesney and Scott Moyer over the years. During this time, the St Paul's Relay for Life Team has raised over $ 70,000 for cancer research. We thank the congregation for extending your support in so many ways, and we thank all who have been members of the St Paul's Relay team. We look forward to giving our time and energy in other avenues of service in church and community. Team members who wish to join another Pottstown Relay team during this open-ended hiatus are encouraged to do so.