Freedom Missions is a non-profit organization established under the leadership of Bishop Devin Park with a mission to "enable all people to attain the highest quality of life through the teaching and application of the Word of God. " Our core value is to establish missions works nationally and internationally in aiding to improve the world's social service sector through the development of restoration centers, orphanages, medical facilities and free bible schools and universities.
Locally, Freedom Missions has established works including; the weekly Freedom From Hunger Feeding Ministry at and Annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner at our Pottstown location. Our Annual Christmas Party and Toy Giveaway at Raymond Rosen Community Homes in Philadelphia. Weekly ministry at the Pottstown Area Senior Citizens Center, Annual Race To The Rescue 5K Run, community outreach with The Pottstown Area Churches, ACLAMO Family Centers and weekly men's and Women’s bible study at the Pottstown Salvation Army. Additionally, Freedom Bible Institute will begin classes this fall in six locations (Pottstown, PA, York, PA, Wilmington, DE, Philadelphia, PA, Williamsport, PA and Alexandria, VA.) In 2014 Freedom Mission began two ministries in Williamsport, PA and Monticello, NY with a concentration on building the lives of those transitioning from drug and alcohol addiction.
Internationally, Freedom mission supports four orphanages, three schools and nine government sanctioned universities. In addition, we provide educational support, relief from hunger/starvation, distribution of medicine and other basic needs to adults and children in nations including; Haiti, Colombia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Malawi, South Sudan and Uganda.
Our most recent work is in partnership with the YMCA in the Indian cities of Mumbai, and New Delhi with a threefold focus to establish a Darryl Dawkins (former NBA star) basketball academy, Eddie Chambers (world ranked heavyweight boxer) and a men's mentoring program.
Bishop Park approaches this endeavor to fulfill his calling with integrity, compassion and love for mankind. His most recent mission's trips have been to Malawi, Haiti, Nigeria India and Columbia. Through first hand observation and experiences he can attest that there remains continued hardships such as lack of food, healthcare, unsanitary living conditions, and lack of educational opportunities.